Model-Driven Development and Product Line Engineering

In recent years, Model-Driven Development (MDD) has grown in popularity due to the significant productivity gains it delivers over traditional development approaches. By allowing organizations to use systems and software models to raise the level of programming abstraction, MDD enables the creation of applications with less effort and accelerates the product development process.

While MDD technologies provide a powerful enabler for the rapid development of individual products within a product line, companies face complex challenges in managing product diversity across a product line portfolio.

In tandem with the growth of MDD, Product Line Engineering (PLE) has rapidly gained acceptance as a first-class engineering practice for managing product line diversity. However, as PLE technologies have evolved, MDD has remained an under-served part of the PLE lifecycle. Thus, the integration of MDD and PLE technologies is essential for companies to simultaneously leverage the benefits of both practices.

The Integration of MDD and PLE Technologies

BigLever Software delivers Bridge integration solutions that enable organizations to incorporate the management of product line diversity into MDD. With BigLever's Bridge solutions for MDD, engineering organizations achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency from utilizing MDD models as shared PLE assets within their Gears production lines, and Gears PLE constructs as first-class systems and software engineering mechanisms for managing product line diversity in MDD models.

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