BigLever onePLE Solution

Product line engineering (PLE) is delivering higher return on investment than any other systems or software engineering discipline in use today. Organizations using PLE are experiencing discontinuous jumps in competitiveness, provided through whole-integer factors of improvement in time-to-market, productivity, product line scalability, product quality, and more.

onePLE is a complete packaged solution for your transition to PLE practice and the competitive advantage that it enables.

BigLever's experience in bringing PLE success to product engineering organizations is unmatched in the industry. This experience has enabled us to create a robust, repeatable path to success called onePLE™.

onePLE comes from the idea that we provide a single deliverable to your organization: A successful product line engineering capability. BigLever provides the services, training and mentoring, and technology necessary to achieve that success — all in a single package.

The factory approach to PLE

>> The Product Line Factory

The foundation of BigLever's PLE success is a factory-based approach.

As illustrated in the Product Line Factory graphic, shared assets (engineering artifacts used to develop, sustain, and operate your products) come in to the factory from the left, where a configurator (BigLever Software Gears) produces product-specific instantiations according to a feature-based description of the product (a Bill of Features™) that comes in from the top. [Click images to enlarge.]

>> Learn more about a Gears PLE production line.

Your organizational PLE adoption

Transitioning to PLE means moving your organization to the PLE factory paradigm for the creation, production, and evolution of the products in your portfolio. BigLever assists you in building, staffing, and operating your PLE factory. As part of onePLE, we also help you establish a PLE Center of Excellence which provides invaluable support for your organization's PLE journey, and accelerates your transition, across the enterprise.

>> 3-Tiered PLE Methodology

BigLever's 3-Tiered PLE Methodology, showin in the graphic, shows the three concerns that must be addressed in any PLE adoption — technology, organization, and business.

PLE cannot be achieved with tooling alone, but must be part of a business strategy sponsored by your executive leadership. To gain the full strategic benefits of PLE, technology and engineers play only a supporting role in the larger picture.

This broader perspective creates a new challenge for executive leadership: How to turn the organization into a PLE success story. With BigLever's experience and guidance, onePLE enables your PLE success in three ways:

Living business case, owned by executive leadership: Establishes the precise need, importance, urgency and vision for PLE; identifies what investment is needed, and the expected payoff.

Organizational adoption, executed by management: Defines a living plan for the incremental rollout of PLE practices; establishes roles and responsibilities for factory owners, feature owners, product content and portfolio managers, shared asset engineers, and more.

>> Spiral Model for PLE Adoption

Technology environment, utilized by practitioners: Establishes technological solutions to enable the products in a product line to be produced from shared engineering assets, evolving over time.

BigLever's onePLE approach is highly incremental. To facilitate your transition, we employ a Spiral Model of Adoption which charts your incremental path to PLE, as shown in the graphic. Your organization can take the journey to PLE in small steps that can be absorbed without disrupting ongoing production.

Progress is steady, but no cycle overwhelms your ability to absorb new practices and processes. Each step enables new capabilities and benefits — and brings your organization closer to full PLE capability.

As part of onePLE, BigLever will help your organization establish and operate a PLE Center of Excellence so that you can efficiently scale your PLE journey, and accelerate your transition, across your entire organization. Powering an organization's PLE Center of Excellence is BigLever's Body of Knowledge.

Getting Started with onePLE

BigLever's onePLE solution includes creation and expertly guided execution of a spiral adoption plan tailored for your organization. We bring a complete, precise package of services, training and mentoring, and technology — customized for your goals, challenges, environment, and needs.

onePLE delivers an efficient, effective, fully-operational PLE factory with highly trained and skilled PLE executives, PLE managers, PLE technical leaders, and all PLE practitioners.

The first steps include a pair of working events that constitute your organization's first onePLE adoption spiral:

Technical Getting Started Workshop

  • Intense, accelerated, hands-on, 3-day Technology mini-pilot.
  • Provides practical insights about PLE, in the context of your organization.

Business Getting Started Workshop

  • Intense, accelerated 3-day PLE business leadership strategic planning.
  • Business Case. Concept of Operations. Adoption Strategy.

Following completion of the workshops, subsequent spirals build on these early iterations, and continue to stand up, fund, staff, and then operate the PLE factory for your product line portfolio.

PLE Body of Knowledge

Powering an organization's PLE Center of Excellence is BigLever's Body of Knowledge. A comprehensive body of PLE knowledge structured and available on-line for use throughout your organization under onePLE. The Body of Knowledge contains detailed process descriptions for every aspect of PLE, including all of the activities involved in establishing and operating your PLE Factory.

>> For more information about BigLever's onePLE services, or how to Get Started with PLE, please contact BigLever at, +1-512-777-9552.