BigLever's Gears Product Line Engineering Lifecycle Framework

BigLever's industry-standard Gears Product Line Engineering (PLE) Lifecycle Framework™ enables the integration of tools, assets and processes across the systems and software development lifecycle – from business case and analysis, to requirements, design, implementation, testing, delivery, maintenance and evolution.

Common PLE concepts and constructs – across the lifecycle

With the BigLever PLE Framework, your product line development organization has a common set of PLE concepts and constructs for all tools and assets, which allows your development processes to flow cleanly and efficiently from one stage to another across the full lifecycle (click image to enlarge):

A single feature model that can uniformly express the full product line feature diversity for all assets in all stages of the lifecycle.

A single variation point mechanism that can be uniformly applied to all tools and their associated assets in all stages of the lifecycle, including tools and assets for requirements management, model-driven development, source code development, testing, configuration management, build management, change management and document development.

A single, automated product configurator that uniformly assembles and configures assets from each stage of the development lifecycle to automatically produce all of the systems and software assets and products in a product line, with the push of a single button.

BigLever's Gears Framework also provides an API – the PLE Bridge API – that enables engineering tool developers to create PLE bridges for making all of the tools you use "product line aware."

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