Why BigLever Software

Industry Leadership

  • Acknowledged leader in the systems and software product line engineering (PLE) field
  • Instrumental in bringing pragmatic PLE approaches to mainstream engineering organizations
  • Industry's only PLE Framework for integrating tools and assets across the entire development lifecycle
  • Recipient of the 18th Annual Jolt Productivity Award

Mature Product Offerings

  • More than 14 years of full-scale production use of BigLever's Gears PLE Engineering Tool and Lifiecycle Framework
  • Effective for any industry, enabling adoption across a spectrum of market segments
  • Proven track record with successful tool and asset integrations, providing smooth interoperability across the full lifecycle
  • Off-the-shelf bridge solutions and methodology integrations for IBM Rational, Aras, Sparx Systems, Serena, Perforce, MadCap, Microsoft, and Open Source development tools

Highly Acclaimed Industry Successes

  • Successful deployments for companies across a spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace and defense, aviation systems, alternative energy, computer systems, and e-commerce.
  • Delivered the industry's best transition, improvement and ROI metrics:
    • US Army projects $480 million in cost avoidance over 12 years and 200 deployments
    • NetApp (LSI Logic) achieved 2x-5x improvements in scalability, productivity, time-to-market, and product quality
    • Ikerlan/Alstom achieved 90% reduction in development time and 25% reduction in development costs
    • HomeAway delivered tangible engineering and business benefits within 60 days

Innovative, Patented Technology

  • Innovative yet pragmatic technology with established and pending patents
  • Gears technology is simple, fast and easy to learn, deploy and use
  • Technology is agnostic to and integrates easily with existing assets and tool
  • Framework provides uniform PLE capabilities and constructs used throughout the development lifecycle