Who Benefits from the BigLever Solution

You could benefit from the BigLever solution if you develop systems and software – embedded, enterprise, standalone, web based, service oriented, or otherwise – for a product line portfolio in which product multiplicity and variation present significant engineering challenges. Based on real world implementations, we find that companies, regardless of size or industry, experience significant gains from transitioning to a product line engineering approach – benefits that span both technical and business aspects of the organization:

Feature-based Variation Management and Automated Production

  • Problem: Escalating complexity due to duplication, divergence, merging, interdependencies, and lifecycle silos
  • Solution: Consolidate into software assets using first-class variation management and automate production based on assets and features
  • Major benefits: Optimized productivity and development overhead

Feature-based Asset Engineering

  • Problem: Divergent focus on multiple products and teams leads to high management overhead and complex coordination
  • Solution: Focus processes and organizational structures around core assets rather than products and develop the portfolio as a single, feature-based, automated production system rather than a multitude of products
  • Major Benefits: Optimized quality for assets and products

Feature-based Portfolio Evolution

  • Problem: Product based portfolio management leads to complex interdependencies and ineffective duplication and divergence among product requirements, missed market opportunities and reduced profit margins
  • Solution: Business-wide management of portfolio by features rather than products
  • Major Benefits: Optimized time-to-market and portfolio scalability

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