BigLever Software Integrates with Perforce to Address Market Need for Synchronized Version Management and Variation Management in Product Line Engineering

AUSTIN, Texas – January 17, 2012 – BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line engineering solutions, announced today that the company has established an integration with Perforce to meet growing market need for a synchronous solution that brings together advanced versioning capabilities and feature-based variation management for product line engineering. Perforce's Version Management System provides the power to manage the evolution of source code and other digital assets, across concurrent development streams, for complex systems and products. BigLever's Gears Product Line Engineering (PLE) solution extends this capability by managing product diversity and asset variation throughout the lifecycle and across an entire product line portfolio.

"We are pleased BigLever is now a certified Perforce partner," said Randy DeFauw, technical marketing manager for Perforce Software. "Adding Perforce's enterprise version management capabilities to BigLever's solution is crucial to helping companies manage the development, delivery and maintenance of systems and software for complex products."

"BigLever is excited to establish this new partnership," said Dr. Charles Krueger, BigLever CEO. "Across our various customer deployments, we see firsthand the tremendous complexity that companies face in managing concurrent development streams in tandem with the myriad of diverse feature variations that can exist in a product line. By joining forces, BigLever and Perforce can help complex product line engineering companies overcome these complexity barriers to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profitability."

About the BigLever / Perforce Integration

To deliver competitive products, companies must effectively manage complex combinations of systems and software assets, finely tuned to support varying customer demands. As a result, engineering teams must deliver multiple product variations, with widely diverse features, synchronized through multiple lifecycle phases and overlapping development streams targeting different delivery dates. The BigLever Gears PLE solution overcomes these complexities by managing an entire product line portfolio as a single production system – much like a manufacturing factory – that utilizes product feature profiles to automatically assemble and configure the assets needed to produce a product line.

BigLever's industry-standard Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework and third-party tool integrations, such as the Perforce/Gears Connector™, enable organizations to expand their tools and processes, and integrate PLE concepts, across the three dimensions of engineering concern (click image to enlarge):

  • Multi-product: Gears provides the feature-based variation management and automated production line necessary to engineer and deliver the multiple products in a product line.
  • Multi-phase: The tools necessary to support the multiple phases of a product line engineering lifecycle are the same tools that companies use today, augmented by Gears.
  • Multi-baseline: Change and configuration management for a product line are done on multiple evolving baselines of the product assets rather than on a multitude of individual product baselines. Perforce addresses this concern by providing control over source code and other digital assets for the concurrent development of systems, firmware and software.

As part of the new partnership, BigLever received technical certification for its Perforce/Gears Connector for the Universal Configuration Management Bridge™. The Perforce/Gears Connector provides a synchronous solution for integrating version management and feature-based variation management for product line assets, enabling the orchestrated execution of configuration management operations as the product line evolves.

About Perforce Software

Perforce Software is a provider of software and solutions that enable teams to create, develop and version everything. The world's most innovative companies and recognized brands trust Perforce to manage all their digital assets from intellectual property to content. The Perforce version management platform is unique in its ability to handle large and distributed collections of content and is backed by a full range of enterprise services. Founded in 1995, Perforce Software is headquartered in Alameda, California, with international operations in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit