BigLever Software Builds Momentum for Product Line Engineering Through Pragmatic New Generation Approaches, Large-Scale Customer Deployments and Industry Thought Leadership

Adoption of Product Line Engineering in the Aerospace & Defense and Automotive Industries Sets the Foundation for Other Market Sectors

AUSTIN, TX – August 15, 2011 – BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line engineering (PLE) framework, tools and services, announced today that the company has achieved significant momentum in establishing PLE as a mainstream engineering discipline for the rapid development, delivery and evolution of complex product lines. With triple-digit revenue growth, BigLever has leveraged its industry-standard Gears™ solution and new generation PLE approaches to establish successful PLE implementations across a spectrum of industries, including large-scale deployments in the aerospace & defense (A&D) and automotive sectors.

Companies in A&D, including Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, and the automotive industry, such as General Motors, have implemented PLE approaches to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and product line scalability. These industry sectors have embraced PLE, and the BigLever Gears solution, as a means for addressing the myriad challenges created by current economic pressures and the exponential engineering complexities inherent in developing and delivering new product line innovations to meet market demand.

As spotlighted in recent conference sessions co-presented with BigLever, General Motors is leveraging PLE to rapidly introduce a spectrum of cutting-edge vehicles, including alternative fuel models offering the sophisticated features desired by today's "want it new, want it now" consumers. Driven by U.S. Department of Defense initiatives, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics have implemented PLE to speed the delivery of technological advancements, while significantly reducing the cost and effort required to create, deploy and maintain their product lines. The large-scale BigLever Gears deployments in these sectors has established the foundation for accelerated PLE expansion across other industries, such as consumer electronics, medical, computer systems, telecom, alternative energy and e-commerce.

The Product Line Engineering Tipping Point

Building on decades of research and development, the current emergence of PLE into the mainstream is the culmination of several factors. BigLever has played an instrumental role in this emergence through the creation of a pragmatic, new generation PLE approach. The company's Gears Software Product Line Lifecycle Framework™, 3-Tiered Methodology™, and industry-leading implementation expertise have removed the adoption barriers common with earlier PLE approaches.

BigLever's Gears Lifecycle Framework provides a common set of PLE concepts and constructs that enable the integration of tools, assets and processes across the full systems and software development lifecycle – from requirements and design to implementation, testing, delivery, maintenance and evolution. In response to customer demand, the company has worked with its partners to develop a broad-based offering of Bridge products, including solutions for integrating IBM, Serena, Microsoft, Perforce and Open Source development tools into the BigLever Framework. As a strategic IBM partner, BigLever has created a full lifecycle suite of integration solutions for the Rational toolset and has led the implementation of notable PLE deployments for the companies' mutual customers.

The BigLever 3-Tiered Methodology provides a pragmatic tiered approach that allows companies to make an incremental, non-disruptive transition to a comprehensive PLE practice. With this new generation PLE approach, companies utilize feature-based methods to manage product diversity and asset variation in an automated production system, capable of producing all "flavors" of the products in a product line with the touch of a single button. This highly-automated feature-based approach has enabled BigLever customers to more efficiently develop, deliver and evolve their product line portfolios – achieving new levels of innovation, economy of scale, competitive advantage and profitability.

Industry Leadership and Company Growth

As an acknowledged pioneer of PLE technologies and methods, BigLever Founder and CEO Dr. Charles Krueger has created practical, leading-edge PLE strategies that are enabling companies to overcome engineering complexities and successfully transition to PLE practice. Working in collaboration with business and technical management teams, Dr. Krueger translates customers' strategic objectives into PLE approaches for rapidly expanding the companies' product line portfolios based on market opportunities and revenue optimization.

Since its inception in 1999, BigLever has played a thought leadership role in increasing awareness and understanding of PLE in the mainstream systems and software engineering community. Through conference keynote presentations, articles, white papers and other informational tools, the company has established new generation PLE approaches as the key for removing implementation barriers and allowing companies of all sizes to realize the major business and technical benefits delivered by PLE.

In addition to its A&D and automotive customers, BigLever's primary customer base includes Software Product Line Hall of Fame inductees NetApp (formerly LSI Logic) in computer storage, HomeAway in e-commerce and Salion in business intelligence, as well as IKERLAN and Alstom in alternative energy. With triple-digit annual revenue growth, BigLever is building out its management and operational teams to position the company for the accelerated industry adoption of PLE. BigLever has recently expanded its capabilities to meet demand for partner integrations, implementation training and customer support.

"This is an exciting time for the product line engineering field – and for BigLever. It's very rewarding to see the tremendous benefits of PLE for our customers and to experience this mainstream emergence," says Dr. Krueger. "The recent critical mass of PLE success stories has brought this breakthrough technology from concept to reality. Now, it's a matter of keeping pace while driving the next phase of growth in the marketplace."