BigLever CEO to Participate in Panel on Convergence of Product Line Engineering, ALM, PLM at Product Innovation Conference

AUSTIN, Texas – October 7, 2014 – BigLever Software, the leading provider of systems and software product line engineering (PLE) solutions, today announced that the company's founder and CEO, Dr. Charles Krueger, will participate in a panel discussion at the Product Innovation conference taking place in San Diego, Oct. 21 and Oct. 22. This panel will feature an insightful discussion and debate regarding one of the most promising and powerful advances in product innovation – the convergence of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and PLE.

In addition to providing business opportunities, the increasing sophistication of products and systems deployed throughout the industry increases engineering and operational complexity as well as risk. Systems Engineering in this context requires a commensurate sophistication in the alignment of traditionally siloed mechanical, electrical, software engineering and operations for the creation, delivery, sales, maintenance and evolution of a product line portfolio that is finely tuned to support a spectrum of different customer stakeholders. The panel discussion will bring together expert practitioners and industry thought leaders from PLM, PLE and ALM to discuss these converging disciplines and how forward-thinking organizations can best leverage this convergence to address their complexity challenges.

As a recognized PLE pioneer who has led some of the industry's most notable PLE deployments, Krueger will spotlight the key role that PLE is playing in enabling the convergence. "We're at an exciting crossroads right now in the industry, where product line engineering tools and methods are enabling ALM and PLM to better integrate and align across the entire enterprise," said Krueger. "This represents a critical leap forward in the way companies create and deliver their product lines, enabling organizations to achieve whole factor improvements in efficiency, time-to-market, product line scalability, and quality."

Panel details:

Topic: Emerging Trends and Best Practices in the Convergence of Enterprise ALM, PLE and PLM
Time: October 21, 5:10 pm
Location: Paradise Point Island Resort, San Diego, room 2
Joe Barkai, Market Strategist and Catalyst (moderator)
Charles Krueger, Founder & CEO, BigLever Software
Gahl Berkooz, Head of Information Management & Analytics, Ford Motor Company
Eric DePaul, Configuration & Application Lifecycle Manager, Hologic
Steve Shoaf, Continuous Engineering Marketing Manager, IBM

In addition to the panel discussion, BigLever's involvement includes a booth in the exhibit hall where the company will showcase its flagship solution, Gears, and demonstrate how it enables leading organizations across a spectrum of industries to make a smooth, efficient transition to PLE practice.

Krueger is an acknowledged thought leader in the PLE field, with more than 25 years of experience in software engineering practice and more than 60 articles, columns, book chapters, conference keynotes and session presentations. Through active involvement in key industry events and organizations, he brings innovative PLE concepts, new generation methodologies and success stories to the forefront of the systems and software engineering community. Krueger has proven expertise in leading commercial product line development teams, and helping companies establish some of the industry's most notable PLE practices at companies such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and IKERLAN/Alstom. He received his PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

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