BigLever CEO Invited to Present the Latest Advances in Product Line Engineering for Systems and Software at IBM Innovate 2011

General Motors and BigLever Software to Co-present New Innovations in Product Line Engineering for the Automotive Industry

AUSTIN, Texas – June 1, 2011 – BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line (SPL) engineering framework, tools and services, announced today that Dr. Charles Krueger, the company's Founder and CEO, has been invited to present three sessions during this year's IBM Innovate conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, June 5-9, 2011. Dr. Krueger was also invited to serve as an industry expert on a panel discussion about the emerging convergence of application lifecycle management (ALM), product lifecycle management (PLM) and product line engineering (PLE).

As a strategic IBM partner, BigLever Software has teamed with IBM Rational to deliver leading-edge PLE solutions to meet growing demand among the companies' mutual customers. Dr. Krueger's role at Innovate 2011 will be to spotlight the latest innovations enabled by new generation PLE technologies and methodologies. In his overview presentation, entitled "Product Line Engineering for Systems and Software," he will explore how new generation PLE approaches are delivering dramatic improvements in efficiency, scalability and quality. Dr. Krueger will provide a snapshot of the industry's most notable PLE implementations across a spectrum of market sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics, alternative energy, computer hardware and software, and e-commerce systems.

General Motors and BigLever Software Presentations

Dr. Krueger's Innovate participation will include co-presented sessions with General Motors representatives, including a GM case study entitled "Feature-based Product Line Engineering Across the Lifecycle at General Motors" and a requirements-focused session entitled "Product Line Requirements Engineering at General Motors using DOORS, Gears and Publishing Engine."

The case study session will address how GM's deployment of a feature-based PLE solution is enabling the company to manage the exponential complexities of product line engineering including a vast number of vehicles and subsystems, with diverse variations in features, across multiple software and hardware lifecycles phases, on overlapping development streams targeting different delivery dates. Key innovations to be explored include the engineering and automated assembly of different vehicle configurations from a high-level Bill of Feature™s, rather than manual assembly of a low-level bill of materials.

The requirements-focused presentation will offer insights into the innovative combination of tools and methods GM is implementing to achieve new levels of efficiency in product line requirements engineering. This session will feature how GM's PLE approach is enabling engineering teams to create a consolidated collection of common and varying product line requirements, leverage feature-based variation points and an automated feature-based product configurator, and automatically translate PLE requirements into different formats needed for downstream lifecycle standards.

ALM/PLM/PLE Convergence Panel

The panel discussion, entitled "The Convergence of ALM, PLM and PLE in Modern Systems Engineering," brings together industry leaders from the three systems engineering disciplines to explore the issues and challenges created by this technology convergence. The panelists will address how these disciplines must collaborate to create converge solutions for overcoming the complexities of delivering multiple systems, with multiple variations in features and functions, through multiple lifecycle phases, synchronized across both hardware and software development lifecycles, on multiple overlapping development streams targeting a rolling sequence of different delivery dates.