Product Line Engineering Case Studies

Lockheed Martin and U.S. Navy

Lockheed Martin's Mission Systems and Sensors (LM MS2) Division implemented a multi-year Common Product Line engineering initiative to reduce the time, cost and effort required to create, deliver and maintain products. To meet these objectives, LM MS2 established a systems and software product line for the U.S. Navy AEGIS Weapon System using BigLever's Product Line Engineering (PLE) solution and 3-Tiered PLE Methodology. This AEGIS product line was inducted into the Software Product Line Hall of Fame at the 19th International Software Product Line Conference, earning the highest achievement in the PLE field.

General Dynamics and U.S. Army

In 2009, BigLever teamed with the General Dynamics C4 Systems Division, now known as General Dynamics Mission Systems, to win a five-year, $200 million contract for the development and management of the Army's Live Training Transformation (LT2) product line under the Army's Consolidated Product Line Management (CPM) Program. The LT2 product line employs the industry's most advanced PLE methods and tools provided by BigLever for the rapid deployment of new variations, refinements, and enhancements to address changing missions and threats with much greater efficiency than traditional product development approaches. In 2015, BigLever joined with General Dynamics to win the CPM Next contract, a five-year contract with a total potential value of $415 million. The LT2 product line was inducted into the Software Product Line Hall of Fame at the 18th International Software Product Line Conference.

#1 Automotive Manufacturer

In light of economic realities, and increased engineering complexity due to the introduction of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, automotive companies need to realize new levels of efficiency and quality from their engineering tools and processes. The world's leading automotive manufacturer is enhancing its systems and software product line engineering to capitalize on the latest advances in the PLE field. The company's mega-scale PLE deployment was spotlighted at the 16th International Software Product Line Conference. The case study received the Best Paper Award for the conference's Industry Track, which provides practitioners the opportunity to learn from the experiences and notable successes of other practitioners in the field.


Today's wind turbines feature electronic sensors and sophisticated software that optimize performance based on wind direction and speed, temperature and other factors. Ikerlan, Spain’s leading energy technology R&D organization, and Alstom, the world's leading energy solutions and transport company, adopted BigLever's Gears PLE solution and 3-Tiered PLE Methodology to create, maintain and evolve the software that controls the turbines and their interconnected communications systems.


The world’s leading online vacation rental marketplace, HomeAway sites represent approximately 700,000 paid vacation rental home listings throughout 168 countries. To meet the company's aggressive growth goals, HomeAway transitioned to PLE practice using the BigLever Gears solution and 3-Tiered Methodology. With the PLE approach, HomeAway's development team has deployed new site products with significantly less time and effort, enabling the company to target new market segments faster, more efficiently, and with greater profitability. HomeAway was inducted into the Software Product Line Hall of Fame at the 13th International Software Product Line Conference.

NetApp (previously LSI Logic)

LSI Logic's Engenio Storage Division, acquired in 2011 by NetApp, provides high-performance, feature-rich RAID storage servers to some of the largest information technology vendors and resellers in the world. LSI needed a highly efficient, non-disruptive engineering approach for meeting its company growth and product line delivery goals. By investing four developer-months of effort upfront, and 12 developer-months overall, LSI incrementally transitioned 23 products, each comprising 1 million lines of code, and 135 developers using BigLever's Gears PLE solution and methods – without disrupting ongoing production schedules. LSI Logic was inducted into the Software Product Line Hall of Fame at the 10th International Software Product Line Conference.


As a provider of Revenue Acquisition Management (RAM) solutions, Salion's process management, data analysis and collaborative communications technology enabled companies to identify, pursue, and successfully respond to profitable business opportunities. Salion employed BigLever's Gears solution as an instrumental part of efficiently developing and delivering its product line offering to the market. Salion was inducted into the Software Product Line Hall of Fame at the 3rd International Software Product Line Conference.