BigLever Customer Spotlight

BigLever Software's industry-leading Gears Product Line Engineering (PLE) solution and pragmatic 3-Tiered Methodology are impacting the fundamentals of how companies design, develop, deliver, and compete with their product lines.

Customer Success

BigLever has played an instrumental role in the industry's most notable recent PLE deployments, working in collaboration with some of the world's largest engineering organizations to deliver highly complex, mega-scale product lines:

  • #1 automotive manufacturer
  • #1 defense contractor
  • #1 military training system family
  • #1 product engineering company
  • #1 online vacation home rental* company
  • #2 data storage company

Our customer engagements also include medium to small enterprises that face product line engineering complexity issues.

Industry Sectors

BigLever's PLE tools and new generation methods are fueling the widespread adoption of PLE across a spectrum of industry sectors:

  • Aerospace & defense
  • Automotive
  • Aviation systems
  • Alternative energy
  • E-commerce
  • Computer systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial systems
  • Document management
  • Semiconductors

Case Studies

Combining proven expertise with practical experience, BigLever provides hands-on support to customers from the initial pilot stage to full deployment. We work with customers to create case studies, co-author articles and publish reports that demonstrate the business and technical impact of new generation PLE approaches.

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