Ovum Analyst Report: Software is prompting integration of product line engineering and product lifecycle management

Smarter products have been driving more complexity into product design and the overall product lifecycle. With software increasingly driving more differentiation – and value – into the product, the barriers are lowered to proliferating product models or configurations. Product Line Engineering (PLE) is an emerging discipline that enables an innovative feature-based approach for building, delivering and evolving complex products. BigLever Software, the leading provider of PLE solutions and services, has established its first foothold in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) world by collaborating with Aras to deliver the first commercially supported integration of PLE and PLM technologies.

This Opinion Report by Ovum Analyst Michael Azoff explores how BigLever's PLE/PLM integration solution, the Innovator/Gears Bridge, is a breakthrough for the industry, in that it provides a template for how both disciplines can effectively complement each other.

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